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StreetTennis IPong Game!

First player to 11 wins!

This game is based on the HTML5 elements canvas and audio.

To play this game you need a modern web browser with support for HTML5.

Audio only works with Firefox 3.5+ at the moment.

Made by David Laurell

Your browser does not support HTML5!

Download Firefox3.6 for the full experience or another with good HTML5 support. The game is tested in Firefox 3.0+, Chromium 4+, Chrome 4 beta, Opera and Internet Explorer 8. To get the audio to work you are required to use Firefox for the moment.

Visit the project page for more info.


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Play Safe: Street Tennis™ is a branded concept designed to encourage tennis play everywhere. It can be played on a quiet street, in a driveway, on a freshly cut lawn or in a gym. Street Tennis Inc. does not promote or encourage Street Tennis™ play in or near busy traffic areas. All components are built to last, with a 100% - 30 days money back guarantee on normal use.